We love a sexy girl smoking a great WB Cigar. Good looking ladies with cigars are a great combo. When a hot woman picks up a hand rolled cigar, it makes me smile.
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WB cigars and fast Cars ... What a great Combo!
Walter Briggs loves his premium WB Brand cigars and lovely women. WB also loves a good laugh, so check out our collection of pictures and posters we have collected along the way and enjoy.
Ron "Jaws" Jaworski and WB at the Jaws Youth Fund Cigar Event
WB's Photo Gallery
Poster of a sexy gal with a WB Brand cigar.Hot and sexy vintage woman in uniform smokiing a great cigar.Snakes should not smoke. Smoking is very bad for sankes.Nothing to do with cigars, but still a cool poster.Sometimes you just have to laugh at the cigar industry.The poster says it all. Oh, and he smoked cigars.
A Great Cigar and a sexy lady.Courtney enjoys a great WB Brand Cigar.Our sexy girl, Courtney enjoys a WB Brand CigarSexy and seductive gal with a WB Brand Cigar.What a great smile from a lovely cigar smoking gal.Hot and sexy Courtney with a great WB Brand Cigar.
Walter Briggs at his Cigar Smoker in Orlando, FloridaThe Great Walter BriggsWalter Briggs and Doc with bundles of WB Brand CigarsWB with one of his fans.WB with the winner of a brand new humidorWalter Briggs smoking a great cigarWalter Briggs and the whole crew at Club ProofJohn Ost, Walter Briggs, Rapper TI, Johnny Kovar at Super Bowl Party.John Ost, Ron "Jaws" Jaworski, WB, Johnny Kovar at the Jaws Event Super Bowl 2010.A bunch of Cigar Buddies enjoying a great smoke.Walter Briggs and Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins enjoying a great cigar.Walter Briggs, Rudy Johnson, John Ost and Johnny Kovar with some great WB Brand Cigars.