WB Brand Cigar Events for Feb 2 to Feb 6, 2011
North Texas SB 45 - Feb 6, 2011
WB Brand Premium Cigars
WB Brand Cigars and Bon Ton Roule Premium Cigars are delighted to announce their partnership for SB 45. Together in affiliation with Oscar's Pub, Walter Briggs has designated Bon Ton Roule Premium Cigars and Oscar’s Pub as his Official Super Bowl HQ for WB Brand Cigars!
John Ost, Walter Briggs, Rapper TI, and Johnny Kovar
SB 45
Oscar's Pub and Bon Ton Roule' Premium Cigars have joined Former Jets Quarterback and cigar maker Walter Briggs to be your Super Bowl cigar spot. 

•Walter's famous friends such as: Carl Pickens (Bengals), Louis Lipps (Steelers) Kijana Carter (Bengals), Calvin Sweeny (Raiders), Stuart Ostorstosky (Bucks),Ted Hendricks (Radiers), and President of the NFLPA Mike McBath will be dropping by.

•Bring your camera for a photo op and the chance to share a cigar with football legends.

•Super Bowl party packs that include our featured cigars, cutter, lighter and special event day pass will be available $25 for non members

•Special event day passes only will be $10 for non members.

•Bon Ton Roule' will be the Super Bowl annex for Oscar's and they will have killer food and drinks for sale.

•Don Gonzalez Cigars will be bringing a roller on Wednesday February 2nd and we will have some awesome specials on the Don Gonzales line(more to come on this).

WB Events Flyer
Bon Ton Roule & WB HQ Flyer